Vaping: The New Smoking Alternative?

Could Vaping Help You Quit For Good?

Although the jury may still be out on the long-term effects of the new technology, it’s helping more and more people quit smoking every year.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the general term given to using any form of electronic cigarette. Since their inception in the early 00s, the popularity and cultural proliferation has risen sharply across the world. Within 5 years, the number of vapers in the United Kingdom grew four times over to 2.2 million – the current number is probably higher.


Consumers can buy pre-loaded e-cigarettes from corner shops or supermarkets, these come ready-to-use and produce a thin vapour, which is reported as being less pleasurable. They are, however, the cheapest alternative. For those looking to spend more money, there are EGO Mods. These are basic in design and intended for beginners looking to invest a little more money into vaping. ‘E-liquid’ is bought separately and is used to fill a small ‘tank’ that is screwed into the device. At the push of a button, this liquid is heated and turned into vapour, which the user breathes in.

In addition to the ‘E-Cig’ and EGO Mod, there are Advanced Mods which grant the vaper greater control over their experience – allowing them to swap out different components to suit their personal requirements.

Can it help me Quit?

Different forms of vaping contain different levels of Nicotine. Pre-loaded cigarettes contain roughly the same amount of nicotine as a standard cigarette, so regular smokers can look to replace their normal nicotine intake with electronic cigarettes fairly easily.


When it comes to moving up to Mods and E-liquids, it can get a little more complicated. Because Mods are a more customisable form of vaping, varying levels of nicotine can be inhaled. This comes with some benefits, as well as some draw backs. E-liquids can be manufactured containing anything from 0mg Nicotine to 36mg Nicotine – this means that ex-smokers can attempt to reduce their nicotine intake by vaping as much as they smoke, but using a weaker liquid.

However, there is always the risk that the user will vape more frequently than they smoke, therefore increasing their nicotine independence.

Is it Safe?

This, for many smokers, is the ultimate question. Vaping is over 10 years old and, as of the time of writing, there have been no recorded deaths related to the specific activity. This isn’t to say that electronic cigarettes are completely risk free.


Even though here have been several studies made into the benefits and risks of vaping, the truth is that there has not been enough time for scientists to effectively study the long-term effects of regular vaping. However, this hasn’t stopped many Health professionals and Governmental representatives hailing it as the new answer to smoking cessation. On paper, it makes perfect sense: a way for smokers to still receive a nicotine ‘hit’ without inhaling any of the undesirable tar and toxins that come with actually smoking.

In addition to the nicotine hit, vapers still perform the same smoking actions, so they can behave in the same way, making the illusion feel more real than a patch or gum.

Where can I buy it?

As mentioned before, you can purchase e-cigarettes (the cheapest form of vaping) from corner shops and convenience stores. To try out Mods, or more expensive forms of vaping, you can visit one of the growing number of independent vaping stores that are starting to crop up on English High Streets.


Retail stores aside, the best place to find the widest array of e-cigarettes and Mods is online. There are hundreds of different shops online selling endless varieties of parts, liquids and kits. From 3200 mAh batteries to Sucker Punch e-liquid; the vast array of products can be overwhelming. The best way to find out whether vaping is for your or not, is to seek out a friend with some experience in the field.

If you don’t have any points of contact, then there’s always the internet again! There are countless of Vaping experts willing to help you out on YouTube with ‘How-Tos’, ‘Vape Reviews’ and Tutorials on how to start.

It’s important to remember that Vaping is a past time that is still very much in it’s infancy. Not enough is known about it’s long term effects to confirm that there is no risk in the activity, yet it’s still generally regarded as being safer than smoking.


5 Reasons To Quit Right Now

Smoking rates have more than halved since 1974 – and for good reason…

Thanks to increased research into the impacts of smoking on the body, we now know more about the benefits of quitting.

Let these 5 reasons be the thing that push you to give up once and for all:

Get More Energy


It’s simple: by stopping smoking you can increase the amount of oxygen that gets into your blood and brain – allowing you to perform physical activities better!

Less Nicotine = Less Stress


Although it may seem counter intuitive to many smokers, quitting smoking will lead to you being less stressed in the long run. Nicotine does work to decrease stress levels in the short term – but this always leads to a sharp rise shortly after.

Enjoy Better Sex


More oxygen means more blood flow, which increases sensitivity to sexual organs. This leads to stronger erections for men, women may even find that their orgasms improve. Non-smokers are also found to be more attractive than those who do smoke.

Improve Your Taste Buds


The chemicals and toxins contained in cigarettes do more than just damage arteries, they dull your sense of smell and taste. Long-term smokers risk damaging their sense of taste; if you stop smoking you’ll be able to taste your food better almost immediately. 

Just Live Longer

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It would be easy to list all the ways that smoking damages the body – but, simply put, the best reason to stop is that you will live for longer. Smoking damages everything from your throat, to your skin, to your brain. Stopping today will increase your life expectancy, your overall health and your bank balance.