5 Reasons To Quit Right Now

Smoking rates have more than halved since 1974 – and for good reason…

Thanks to increased research into the impacts of smoking on the body, we now know more about the benefits of quitting.

Let these 5 reasons be the thing that push you to give up once and for all:

Get More Energy


It’s simple: by stopping smoking you can increase the amount of oxygen that gets into your blood and brain – allowing you to perform physical activities better!

Less Nicotine = Less Stress


Although it may seem counter intuitive to many smokers, quitting smoking will lead to you being less stressed in the long run. Nicotine does work to decrease stress levels in the short term – but this always leads to a sharp rise shortly after.

Enjoy Better Sex


More oxygen means more blood flow, which increases sensitivity to sexual organs. This leads to stronger erections for men, women may even find that their orgasms improve. Non-smokers are also found to be more attractive than those who do smoke.

Improve Your Taste Buds


The chemicals and toxins contained in cigarettes do more than just damage arteries, they dull your sense of smell and taste. Long-term smokers risk damaging their sense of taste; if you stop smoking you’ll be able to taste your food better almost immediately. 

Just Live Longer

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It would be easy to list all the ways that smoking damages the body – but, simply put, the best reason to stop is that you will live for longer. Smoking damages everything from your throat, to your skin, to your brain. Stopping today will increase your life expectancy, your overall health and your bank balance. 

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