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Fear of the phone

If you’re really struggling to get through the recent set of cravings, then don’t suffer in silence! You’ll find you can dissipate those pesky feeling much easier if you simply talk it through with someone.

Here are few numbers you can call, if you’re in need of some moral support:

 ncsct-scrnThe National Centre of Smoking Cessation and Training is a ‘community interest company’, they do charge for their services but they can also offer some great advice, for those struggling with quitting.

01305 755828


smoke-free-scrnSmoke-Free NHS is the publicly funded arm of the National Health Service, dedicated to helping people in the UK quit smoking for good. They’ve got a great deal of funding at their disposal and they’re free to call.

0300 123 1044

ash-scrnAction On Smoking and Health is another publicly funded charity that aims to eliminate the harm caused by tobacco products through the spreading of information and campaigning.

0207 404 0242