Our Mission Here

SmokeFreeNorthWest is here to raise awareness of the Smoking epidemic that exists in this region of the United Kingdom


Traditionally, British people in the North are known to smoke more than those living in the South of England. This has been attributed to a variety of different environmental factors:

Historical Trends


Throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries, the North of England’s major cities were regarded as Industrial power houses. However, the workers in the factories and on the docks were underpaid and relied on the brief release of nicotine to get them through long working hours – these habits were then passed on to younger generations.

Easy Availability of Tobacco Products


There’s a markedly higher concentration of corner shops and convenience stores in the North West of England, compared to other areas in the United Kingdom. These shops, the cornerstones of many small suburb communities offer cheaper brands of tobaccos and cigarettes than conventional chains or supermarkets – offering to feed Northerners’ smoking habits at a cheaper price.

Higher Levels of Poverty

Although many try and refute this fact as an exaggeration, there is a significantly higher concentration of people living in poverty in the towns and cities of the North West than anywhere else in the country. The aftermath of the crash of the Northern Industrial sectors has led to widespread unemployment and a sharp drop in education standards, leading more to take up smoking.